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Posted: August 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are a lot of sites out there that are selling you a product, telling you how to do something, showing you how to find peace, expecting you laugh at their cute little otters eating watermelon (I often do laugh at those).  Some of these sites I have a lot of respect for:  Milkthepigeon.com, dumblittleman.com, artofmanliness.com, tinybuddha.com, michaelhyatt.com, stevepavlina.com – these are but a drop in the water of a great lake.  They all have something going for them:  they are shameless in their path to identify themselves as the correct manner in which to lead your life.  They aim to make ripples in your soul, if you let them.  And I suspect they will, if you actively search them and open your heart.

I will not feign to lead you on such a path.  No.  Rather, I – myself – wonder such a path.  And that path has reached a monumental crux:  Do I continue along a career path where I show some fledgling talent (and admittedly do have moments of joy)?  Or do I seek a potential even I do not yet know ?

You see, I have many interests that I would love to explore at some length.  Truthfully, the amount can be overwhelming at times.  Cars, photography, programming, anime, manga, entrepreneurship, general philosophy (particularly existentialism), writing, the list goes on and on.  My imagination is strong, and I can often vicariously play out the path my life may play out if I were to follow such a path.  It took the moment of me writing this to realize that I would not be unsatisfied with my current life path.  I am an optimist at heart!  What I would not be content with is not seeking these other desires to their fullest.

I will endeavor to explore my vicarious mind, and bring some imagination to life.  I will seize life today, tomorrow, and the next.  I will realize, not just fantasize.

Man. Vicarious.


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