If Your Day Goes To Shit

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

You woke up late.  Traffic was a fucking mess.  You’re late to the first of many meetings for the day.  You don’t have time for breakfast.  You think you can fill that food-void with excessive cups of coffee, even though that shit gives you heart palpitations like mad.  You get heart palpitations, curse yourself for drinking that third cup of coffee.  The caffeine doesn’t help you focus, it only makes you even more distracted.  A small voice in your head tells you to be concerned about the increased chance of stroke…

You settle into a darker corner of the building, hoping for some reprieve and clarity.  You don’t get it.  You’re not getting anything done, and you realize you don’t care.  This brings on greater anxiety –>  Will someone find out you really don’t give a shit?  Meh, better search the interwebs to find a way to pass the time while working on some menial and meaningless junk just to feed your conscious mind.

Finally, the clock strikes its final minute of your workday.  Relieved, you stroll out, lumbering towards your car.  It’s fucking hot out, and swamp ass is inevitable on the walk to your car.  Gross.  Drive home, that lump in your throat reminding you anxiety was choking you all day.  Shit, at least the traffic isn’t so bad now.

Get home, try to take a nap because you just want your mind to stop screaming at you.  Stop right here.

If your day went to, is, will be, or was shit you need to stop right now.  Go. Fucking. Exercise.  I don’t need to tell you the benefits, you’ll find those out for yourself.  You’re welcome.

Man. Vicarious.


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