Create to Survive

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Maybe I’m a pessimist.  Maybe I’m a futurist.  I’m not likely a prophet, but what I do know is this:  There are technologies in motion that are seeking to make obsolete the jobs of tens of millions of people.  AI, or artificial intelligence, when paired with humanistic principals has the very real potential to displace many people in the workplace.  For example, why would you pay a teenager – a fleshy human body that can tire, complain, hurt itself at work, and is arguably fairly easy to distract – $10/hour when you can maintain a robot that is able to make suggestions, never tires, and is completely incapable of becoming distracted?  Unless you are catering to anti-AI crowd (which is almost certain to crop up eventually), the answer is you wouldn’t.

My point is this:  Unless you are doing something that requires CI – creative intelligence – you are not likely to be very employable in the coming future.  Everything physical that requires tight parameters can and will eventually be automated.  Think flipping burgers, think taking orders, think manufactured clothing and vehicles (already largely automated), think certain retail or service sales.  Think cloud services, the Internet of Things, Help Desk, think farming, think about Business Process Outsourcing.  All of them have a flag saying “Please automate me to increase shareholder profits!”

These are the reasons why we must create to survive.  More directly, you need to create original works of art.  That, or learn how to fix the things that enable automation – but I prefer the creation side of things.  This is because creative intelligence is an item that will not ever be taken from us.  It is our natural, latent ability to comprehend the absurd, the unique, the grotesque, the magical, the artistic things in life that lend us the wherewithal to stay past this curve of automation.

Begin creating today my friends.

Man. Vicarious.




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